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MEMS sensors for microscale piezoelectric metrology

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Published: 29 April 2013

Authors: Jenny Wooldridge, Andres Muniz-Piniella, Mark Stewart, Tamaryn A. V. Shean, Paul M. Weaver, Markys G. Cain

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A MEMS vertical levitation comb drive actuator has been created for the measurement of piezoelectric coefficients in thin/thick films or piezoelectrically active micro-scale components of other MEMS devices.

The device exerts a dynamic force of 33 μN at an applied voltage of 100 V. The charge developed on the piezoelectric test device is measured using a charge sensitive pre-amplifier and lock-in technique, enabling measurements down to 110-5 pC.

The system was tested with ten different piezoelectric samples with coefficients in the range 701375 pC N-1 and showed a good correlation (r = 0.9997) to measurements performed with macroscopic applied stresses, and piezoelectric impedance resonance techniques.

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