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Laser Spectroscopy of Atomic Hydrogen: Absolute Frequency Measurements of the 2S-6S,6D Transitions

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Published: 23 May 2012

Authors: J. L. Flowers, P. W. Josephs-Franks, H. A. Klein, C. D.  Langham, H. S. Margolis, L. Wright, M. D. Plimmer, P. E. G. Baird and D. J. E. Knight

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Hydrogen can provide a range of calculable reference frequencies, from the rf to the VUV, which are linked by welldefined atomic theory.

The Rydberg constant is determined by comparing measured transition frequencies in atomic hydrogen and deuterium to the theoretical expressions for the energy levels.

Although the 1S-2S transition frequency in hydrogen has been measured with an uncertainty of 1.4 parts in 1014 [2],
this is not sufficient to determine R∞ with higher accuracy.

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