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International Round Robin on Grain Size Measurement by EBSD

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Published: 26 October 2011

Authors: K.P.Mingard, P.N.Quested and M.S.Peck

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Why have EBSD grain size standards?

  • Grain size is the basis of many product standards and specifications.
  • Existing standards are often based on linear intercepts from (optical) micrographs.
  • EBSD increasingly replacing optical methods because of improved spatial resolution and crystallographic data.

Why is a round robin needed?

  • EBSD methods for grain size measurement are complementing traditional methods.
  • New standards have been/are about to be issued but are untested - do they lead to 'good' results?
  • Repeatability (within lab) and Reproducibility (interlab) data is needed to support the new standards.
  • There is little correlation of EBSD with other existing techniques.

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