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Interference Minimisation of Antenna-to-Range Interface for Pattern Testing of Electrically Small Antennas

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Published: 2 July 2012

Authors: Tian Hong Loh, Martin Alexander, Philip Miller, Andrés López Betancort

Related: Electromagnetics

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The accurate measurement of radiation patterns of electrically small antennas (ESAs) requires a reflectionless environment and minimal disturbance from the antenna support and feed cable.

These influence factors constitute the 'antenna-to-range interface' and hence the deviation of the antenna performance from an ideal non-invasive set-up.

To eliminate the large distortion associated with the unwanted radiation from a coaxial cable an electro-optical (EO) transducer was employed. Numerical results for the radiation pattern of a dielectric resonator ESA operating at 2.45 GHz are compared with the measured results using an EO transducer or a cable.

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