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Hidden secrets of absolute radiometric calibration

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Published: 12 June 2013

Authors: A. Bialek, C.L. Greenwell, E.R. Woolliams, N. Fox, G. Zibordi

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Ocean Colour is a crucial part of Earth Observation measurements that contribute to Climate Data.

All Ocean Colour measurements start in the lab with absolute calibration of the radiometers. This poster presents the results of an absolute calibration with a minimised uncertainty budget.

It provides recommendations for the OC community on absolute radiometric calibration techniques that could reduce uncertainties and help produce robust uncertainty budget evaluations.

We explore the growth of graphene on the Si-terminated face of SiC in contrast with the C-terminated one and present a complementary comparison of growth morphology, chemical composition and electronic properties using a range of scanning probe microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy techniques.
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