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Electric energy storage properties of BiFeO3-based thin films

In the quest for alternative technologies to store and convert energy, ferroelectrics have drawn considerable interest as these are characterised by high power density and fast charge/discharge time. Ferroelectrics are currently widely used to provide a cost effective, temperature and vibration stable solutions for general electronic applications.

We report investigations carried out in a new composition 0.4BiFeO3-0.6SrTiO3, where a high energy density 18.6 J/cm3 at 972 kV/cm was measured at room temperature and an impressive thermal stability (temperature coefficient of capacitance below 11%) of the dielectric response at least up to 200 ºC was observed.

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Published: 22 November 2013

Authors: T.M. Correia, M. McMillen, M. Rokosz, P.M. Weaver, M. Gregg, G. Viola, Markys G Cain

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