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Effects of antenna mount on a spherical scanning measurement of the radiation efficiency of a wire antenna

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Published: 10 July 2012

Authors: Tian Hong Loh, Donglin Meng, Yi Huang

Related: Electromagnetics

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The most common antennas used for communication systems, and measurements of electric fields are dipole and monopole wire antennas. The accurate evaluation of their antenna directivity and radiation efficiency requires accurate measurement of the full spherical radiation pattern.

Hence minimal disturbance from the antenna support is essential to avoid the deviation of the antenna performance from an ideal non-invasive set-up.

In this research work, the effects of antenna mounts on the measurement of a wire antenna are studied. A narrow band half-wave dipole antenna was measured, where various setups such as the orientation of the antenna with respect to the mount, and the scanner covered with and without RF absorber were investigated.

To assess the pattern distortion associated with the unwanted effect of antenna mounts the measured results were compared to numerical results of an ideal half-wave dipole antenna.

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