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Development of ultra-low noise nanoSQUIDs using FIB for quantum measurement

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Published: 8 March 2012

Authors: Ling Hao, John Gallop and David Cox

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The demands of quantum metrology and nanoscience are driving the requirements for single particle detection capability across a wide variety of physics, including quantum information processing (QIP), single photon detection, NEMS, nanomagnetism and spintronics.

NanoSQUIDs represent a new manifestation of an old but exciting superconducting technology which addresses some of these requirements. We have fabricated different types of Nb nanoscale SQUIDs using nanobridge weak-links as junctions, utilising a relatively simple FIB-based approach.

These devices show very low noise, even at operating temperatures of 4.2 K and above. The performance of prototype devices made using this technique will be described for applications such as energy resolving single photon detection, nanoparticle spin detection and NEMS resonator readout.

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