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Correlative Super Resolution Using dSTORM and SIM

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Published: 14 June 2013

Authors: K. O'Holleran, D.J. Metcalf, M.J. Shaw and A.E. Knight

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Recently, super-resolution microscopes have been developed that can overcome the diffraction limit. One method is dSTORM (direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy),which can achieve resolutions up to 10 times better than traditional optical microscopes.

Another method is Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM), which achieves resolution at twice the diffraction limit by exciting the sample with a known periodic field. Potentially, correlated images taken using both techniques could be combined into one image, with each technique enhancing different regions of the sample under observation.

We explore the growth of graphene on the Si-terminated face of SiC in contrast with the C-terminated one and present a complementary comparison of growth morphology, chemical composition and electronic properties using a range of scanning probe microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy techniques.
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