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Application of Super-Resolution Imaging to the Endocytic Pathway

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Published: 28 October 2011

Authors: DJ Metcalf, M Erdélyi, EJ Rees, CF Kaminski, AE Knight

Related: Analytical Science, Biotechnology

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Optical microscopes, such as confocal and epifluorescence, are limited to resolutions of approximately 200 nm in the imaging plane owing to the diffraction barrier of light.

Superresolution microscopy can bypass this in a number of ways. One method is to use single molecule based localisations, which is the basis for the dSTORM (direct stochastic optical reconstruction miroscopy) approach.

We have used in-house built dSTORM instruments and software to image various markers and proteins of the endocytic pathway. This highlights the capabilities and potential of dSTORM super-resolution imaging which uses the convenience and power of traditional fluorescence labelling approaches with an approximate tenfold increase in resolving power.

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