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Measurement Good Practice Guides

1 The measurement of bending in uniaxial low cycle fatigue testing
Kandil, F A
2 Measurement and analysis of creep in plastics
Tomlins, P E
3 Measuring flow stress in hot axisymmetric compression tests (Issue 2)
Roebuck, B, Lord, J D, Brooks, M, Loveday, M S, Sellars, C M*, Evans, R W*
5 Software in scientific computing
Wichmann, B
6 UV embossed optical microstructured surfaces
Hutley, M C, Holmes, N*, Harvey, T*, Carter, N*
7 Flexural strength testing of ceramics and hardmetals
Morrell, R
8 Human factors in measurement and calibrations
Thomas, C, Daly-Jones, O, Harry, A
9 The measurement of palmqvist toughness for hard and brittle materials
Roebuck, B, Bennett, E G, Lay, L A, Morrell, R
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10 Residual stress in polymeric mouldings
Turnbull, A, Maxwell, A S, Pillai, S, White, J R*
11 A beginner's guide to uncertainty in measurement (Issue 2)
Bell, S A
12 Biaxial flexural strength testing of ceramic materials
Morrell, R
14 The examination, testing and calibration of portable radiation protection instruments (Issue 2)
Lee, C J, Woods, M J, Burgess, P H*
15 Fractography of brittle materials
Morrell, R
16 Measurement of the extensional flow properties of polymer melts using converging flow methods
Rides, M
17 A Guide to the Preparation and Testing of Bulk Specimens of Adhesives
Dean, G D, Duncan, B C
19 Tests for advanced technical ceramic materials performance
Bennett, E G, Gee, M G, Lay, L A, Morrell, R, Roebuck, B
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20 Guide to mechanical tests for hardmetals
Roebuck, B, Gee, M G, Bennett, E G, Morrell, R
21 Microstructural measurement on ceramics and hardmetals
Morrell, R, Roebuck, B, Bennett, E G, Lay, L A
22 The metallographic measurement of WC grain size
Roebuck, B, Bennett, E G
23 Method of measuring piezoelectric displacement in piezoelectric ceramics
Stewart, M, Cain, M G, Gee, M G
24 Finite element analysis of piezoelectric ceramics
Lowrie, F*, Stewart, M, Cain, M G
25 Measurement of high field dielectric properties of piezoelectric materials
Stewart, M, Cain, M G
26 Adhesive tack
Duncan, B C, Abbott, S G*, Roberts, R A*
27 Measuring flow stress in plane strain compression tests (Issue 2)
Loveday, M S, Mahon, G J*, Roebuck, B, Sellars, C M*, van der Winden, M R*
28 Durability performance of adhesive joints
Broughton, W R
29 The examination, testing and calibration of installed radiation protection instruments
Pottinger, M, Woods, M, Keightley, L
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30 Practical radiation monitoring (Issue 2)
Burgess, P*, Corby, R*, Delahunty, D*, Judge, S, Keightley, L, Lee, C, Richards, T*, Simpson, J*, Woods, M*, Chevallereau, L
31 Calibration and use of Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR)
Walker, B
33 Piezoelectric resonance
Cain, M G, Stewart, M
34 Radiometric non-destructive assay (Issue 2)
McClelland, P*, Lewis, V E
36 Estimating uncertainties in testing
Birch, K*
37 The measurement of surface texture using stylus instruments (Issue 2)
Leach, R K
38 Fibre reinforced plastic composites - machining of composites and specimen preparation
Davies, A*, Foreman, A*, Shaw, R M, Sims, G D
39 Dimensional measurement using vision systems (Issue 2)
Coveney, T
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40 Callipers and micrometers (Issue 2)
Flack, D
41 CMM measurement strategies (Issue 2)
Flack, D
42 CMM verification (Issue 2)
Flack, D
43 CMM probing (Issue 2)
Flack, D
44 Measuring piezoelectric d33 coefficents using the direct method
Stewart, M, Battrick, W, Cain, M G
45 Characterisation of flexible adhesives for design
Duncan, B C, Crocker, L E
47 Preparation and testing of adhesive joints
Broughton, W R, Gower, M R L
48 The Use of Finite Element Methods for Design with Adhesives
Dean, G D, Crocker, L E
49 The assessment of uncertainty in radiological calibration and testing
Lewis, V E, Woods, M J, Burgess, P*, Green, S*, Simpson, J*, Wardle, J*
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51 General approach and procedures for unlubricated sliding wear tests
Gee, M G, Neale, M J*
52 Determination of residual stresses by X-ray diffraction (Issue 2)
Fitzpatrick, M E*, Fry, A T, Holdway, P*, Kandil, F A, Shackleton, J*, Suominen, L
53 The measurement of residual stresses by the incremental hole drilling technique (Issue 2)
Grant, P V, Lord, J D, Whitehead, P S*
54 The scratch test: calibration, verification and the use of a certified reference material
Jennett, N M, Owen-Jones, S
55 Rotating wheel abrasive wear testing
Gee, M G, Gant, A, Hutchings, I M*
56 General approach and procedures for erosive wear testing
Gee, M G, Hutchings, I M*
57 Ball cratering or micro-abrasion wear testing of coatings
Gee, M G, Gant, A, Hutchings, I*, Bethke, R*, Schiffman, K*, Van Acker, K*, Poulat, S*, Gachon, Y*, von Stebut, J*
58 High temperature solid torsion tests
Roebuck, B, Loveday, M S, Chastel, Y*, Fiorucci, G*, dal Negro, T*
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61 Multi-rate and extensional flow measurements using the melt flow rate instrument
Rides, M, Allen, C R G, Dawson, A
62 Thermal analysis techniques for composites and adhesives (second edition)
Mulligan, D R, Gnaniah, S J P, Sims, G D
63 Extensional flow properties of polymers using stretching flow methods
Rides, M, Allen, C R G
64 Fibre-reinforced plastic composites - qualification of composite materials
Gower, M R L, Sims, G D
65 The use of GTEM cells for EMC measurements
Nothofer, A, Alexander, M J, Bozec, D*, Marvin, A*, McCormack, L*
66 Solderability testing of surface mount components and PCB pads
Zou, L, Lea, D, Hunt, C
67 Polarisation effects and measurements in optical fibre systems
Ives, D J
68 Phase noise measurement
Owen, D*
69 The calibration and use of piston pipettes
Blues, J*, Bayliss, D J, Buckley, M*
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70 Weighing in the pharmaceutical industry
Scorer, T*, Perkin, M, Buckley, M*
71 The measurement of mass and weight
Davidson, S, Perkin, M, Buckley, M*
72 Characterising strength of adhesion
Duncan, B C, Broughton, W R
73 Calibration and use of antennas, focusing on EMC applications
Alexander, M J, Salter, M J, Gentle, D G, Knight, D A, Loader, B G, Holland, K P
74 Laboratory test procedures to high temperature steam atmosphere (Issue 2)
Osgerby, S, Fry, A T
75 Cure monitoring techniques for polymer composites, adhesives and coatings
Lodeiro, M J, Mulligan, D R
76 Guidelines for measuring anionic contamination of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Circuit Assemblies (PCA) using ion chromatography
Zou, L, Brewin, A, Hunt, C
77 Surface testing for bonding
Duncan, B C, Leatherdale, D*
78 Assessment and criticality of defects and damage in materials systems
Gower, M R L, Sims, G D, Lee, R*, Frost, S*, Stone, M*, Wall, M*
79 Design and interpretation of engineering drawings for measurement processes
Flack, D R, Bevan, K*
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80 Dimensional metrology
Flack, D R, Hannaford, J
81 Surface tension and extrusion-based rheological characterisation of hot melt adhesives
Rides, M, Allen, C R G, Dawson, A, Nottay, J S
82 The examination and testing of equipment for monitoring airborne radioactive particulate in the workplace
Woodman, A P, Pottinger, M*, Ryden, D*, Dean, J C J
84 Measurement and modelling of self-heating in piezoelectric materials and devices
Stewart, M, Cain, M G
86 Predicting and measuring the 'feel' of soft-touch thermoplastic
Tomlins, P, Petrie, H, King, N, Crocker, L E, Gee, M, Dean, G D, Rides, M
87 Prediction of the impact performance of plastics using finite element methods
Dean, G D, Crocker, L E
88 Determination of residual stresses by magnetic methods
Buttle, D J*, Moorthy, V*, Shaw, B*, Lord, J D (ed)
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90 Slip flow measurement by capillary extrusion rheometry
Rides, M, Allen, C R G
92 An introduction to instrumented indention testing
Jennett, N M
93 Protocol for establishing and maintaining the calibration of medical radionuclide calibrators and their quality control
Gadd, R*, Baker, M, Nijran, K S*, Owens, S*, Thomas, W*, Woods, M J*, Zananiri, F*
94 The measurement of gloss
Hanson, A R
95 Uncertainties in surface colour measurements
Gardner, J L
96 Surface colour measurements
Clarke, P J
97 Regular transmittance measurements
Clarke, P J
98 Elastic modulus measurement
Lord, J D, Morrell, R
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100 Non-destructive assessment of coating adhesion
Maxwell, A S, Rudlin, J*
101 The assessment of damage tolerance under long-term loading
Gower, M R L, Shaw, R M, Sims, G D
102 Absorption and diffusion of moisture in polymeric materials
Duncan, B C, Broughton, W R
103 Accelerated environmental ageing of polymeric materials
Broughton, W R, Maxwell, A S
104 Fatigue and creep testing of adhesives and thermoplastic joined systems
Broughton, W R, Dean, G D
106 Quantifying microstructural heterogeneity in hot compression testpieces
Roebuck, B, Mingard, K P, Brooks, M, Palmiere, E J*, Wynne, B P*, Thomas, M J*, Bryant, M*, Evans, W J*
107 Calibration and testing of torque transducers
Robinson, A
108 Measurement of smooth surface topography using coherence scanning interferometry
Leach, R K, Brown, L*, Jiang, X*, Blunt, R*, Conroy, M*, Mauger, D*
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110 Reduce copper dissolution in lead-free assembly
Di Maio, D, Hunt, C P, Willis, B
111 Improving the consistency of particle size measurement
Mingard, K P, Morrell, R, Jackson, P*, Lawson, S*, Patel, S*, Buxton, R*
112 Improving single-crystal orientation determination for advanced nickel-based alloys
Clay, K*, Jackson, J D*, Quested, P N, Morrell, R
113 The examination and testing of electronic personal dosemeters
McClure, J*, Bennett, J*, Lee, C J
114 The examination, testing and calibration of tritium-in-air monitors for radiation protection
Dean, J C J, Phillips, H C, Burgess, P*, Doyle, P*, Simpson, J*
115 The generation and assessment of fatigue data for fibre-reinforced plastics
Broughton, W R, Gower, M R L, Lodeiro, M J, Shaw, R M
116 The measurement of rough surface topography using coherence scanning interferometry
Petzing, J*, Coupland, J*, Leach, R K
117 Guideline for measuring coating adhesion to electronic boards using tape peel testing
Zou, L, Hunt, C
118 A beginner's guide to measurement
Goldsmith, M
119 The determination of the size distributions of spherical nanoparticle samples
Boyd, R D, Cuenat, A, Meli, F*, Klein, T*, Frase, C G*, Gleber, G*, Krumrey, M*, Duta, A*, Duta, S*, Hogstrom, R*, Prieto, E*
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120 Avoidance of corrosion in plumbing systems
Mann, P*
121 Corrosion control for buried pipelines
Harvey, D W*
122 Temporary corrosion protective
Rogers, R*
123 Monitoring deformation and damage in fibre-reinforced plastics
Broughton, W R, Gower, M R L, Lodeiro, M J, Shaw, R M
125 Introduction to temperature measurement
Rusby, R L
127 Calibration of the metrological characteristics of Coherence Scanning Interferometers (CSI) and Phase Shifting Interferometers (PSI)
Giusca, C L, Leach, R K
128 Calibration of the metrological characteristics of Imaging Confocal Microscopes (ICMs)
Giusca, C L, Leach, R K
129 Calibration of the metrological characteristics of contact stylus instruments
Giusca, C L, Leach, R K
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130 Co-ordinate measuring machine task-specific measurement uncertainties
Flack, D
131 Beginner's guide to measurement in mechanical engineering
Auty, F, Bevan, K, Hanson, A, Machin, G, Scott, J
132 Beginner's guide to measurement in electronic and electrical engineering
Williams, J M, Auty, F J, Stubbins, R, Brooks, B*, Weaver, A*, Cunningham, M*, Whitehead, T*, Cash, M*
133 Underwater noise measurement
Robinson, S
135 Manager's guide to mathematical modelling for gamma assays
Bailey, M, Dean, J C J, Pearce, A, Taylor, G C, Burgess, P*, Greenhalgh, B*, Hatt, T*, Major, B*, McMillan, N*, Pearman, I*, Rushby, M*
136 Practical guide to soldering PCBs with high temperature solder alloys
Hunt, C P, Willis, B*
137 Miniature ETMT tests
Roebuck, B, Brooks, M, Pearce, A*
138 Strategic planning for coordinate metrology
Marwaha, N, Bevan, K
139 Guide to the storage of primary mass standards
Perkin, M, Davidson, S
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140 Guide to weighing in vacuum
Perkin, M, Davidson, S
141 The use of focused ion beam microscopy for 3D material characterisation
Mingard, K P, Cox, D C, Jones, H G, Gee, M G
143 A Good Practice Guide for Measuring Residual Stresses using FIB-DIC
Lord, J, Cox, D, Ratzke, A
145 Characterisation of the Structure of Graphene
Pollard, A, Paton K, Clifford C, Legge E, Oikonomou A*, Haigh S*, Casiraghi C*, Nguyen L*, Kelly D*
146 Good practice guide to the application of finite element analysis to erosion modelling
Crocker, L E
147 Surface Texture Measurements of Gear Surfaces Using Stylus Instruments
Sun, W, Giusca, C, Lancaster, A

Measurement of the Surface Texture of Large Roller Bearings
Lancaster, A; Dury, M

149 Care and use of gauge blocks
Bailey, S L C, Lewis, A, Whiting, K, Lingard, M
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Software Support for Metrology Best Practice Guides

1 Measurement systems validation: validation of measurement software
Wichmann, B A, Barker, R M, Cox, M G, Harris, P M
4 Discrete modelling
Cox, M G, Forbes, A B, Harris, P M
5 Software re-use: guide to METROS
Barker, R M
6 Uncertainty and statistical modelling
Cox, M G, Dainton, M P, Harris, P M
7 Development and testing of spreadsheet applications
Barker, R M, Harris, P M, Parkin, G I
10 Discrete model validation
Barker, R M, Forbes, A B
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