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Characterisation of the Structure of Graphene

Good Practice Guide for Characterisation of the Structure of Graphene

This Good Practice Guide has been written by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute (NGI), at the University of Manchester.

The guide will enable you to find out:

  • guidance on characterising the structural properties of graphene, so that the graphene community can adopt a common, metrological approach that allows the comparison of real-world graphene samples
  • guidelines on how to initially assess the measurements required depending on the type of sample in different forms, that is, either a graphene sheet on a substrate, or graphene flakes present in a powder or liquid dispersion, and includes decision trees and flow diagrams
  • how to detail the accurate determination of the graphene coverage of a substrate, the number of layers/thickness, the lateral dimensions of flakes, layer alignment and the level of disorder
  • how to cover sample preparation, measurement issues, sources of uncertainty and how to analyse data

This guide will be primarily aimed at measurement-related professionals who have a Bachelor's degree in a scientific discipline and need to understand how to measure the structural properties of graphene. This may be as a producer of graphene, or an end-user of graphene in a host of technology application areas where graphene may be used.

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