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Biotechnology Practical radiation monitoring

This module describes procedures and methods for assessing radiation levels, outlines the thought process needed to carry out the measurements and gives practical advice.

This on-line guide is based on a revised version of NPL Good Practice Guide 30, Practical Radiation Monitoring, which was written by:
Denise Delahunty, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust; Pete Burgess, Nuvia Ltd; Ludovic Chevallereau, Serco Assurance; Rob Corby, Magnox Ltd; Lynsey Keightley, NPL; Clare Lee, NPL; Tony Richards, Consultant; John Simpson, Consultant; Mike Woods, IRMC.

Practical radiation monitoring units
This module outlines the units and international conventions for measuring ionising radiation.
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Radiation monitoring strategy
This module outlines the processes and steps to be taken in defining the problem and identifying a monitoring strategy for surface contamination and dose rate monitoring.
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Choice of radiation instrument
This module outlines the considerations and options for choosing radiation monitoring instruments.
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Radiation monitoring techniques  
This module outlines guidance in monitoring techniques for dose rate and surface contamination monitoring.
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Estimating surface radioactivity
This modules outlines the various stages to estimating surface activity.
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Radiation instrument calibration
This module outlines how the radiation instruments should be calibrated.
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Uncertainties in radiation measurement
This module outlines uncertainty for practical radiation monitoring.
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Troubleshooting in radiation monitoring 
This module highlights problems that can be encountered in the interpretation
of the results and in the monitoring instruments.
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