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Measurement Explained Series

Introduction to measurement Measurement Fundamentals Explained

This unit introduces Metrology, the science of measurement, along with some basic metrology concepts.

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Measurement uncertainty Measurement Uncertainty Explained

This unit introduces the basics of measurement uncertainty, along with some underpinning concepts such as 'error', 'standard deviation' and 'probability distributions'.

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Online Modules

Optical radiation safety Optical Radiation Safety

These online training modules introduce you to the basics of light, and how to protect yourself from it.

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Practical radiation monitoring Practical radiation monitoring

Online modules discussing the procedures and methods for assessing radiation levels.

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Temperature online modules Temperature measurement

Online modules introducing temperature measurements and types of thermometers.

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Humidity online modulesHumidity

Online modules on the basics of humidity and how to measure it.

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Dimensional online modulesDimensional

Online modules detailing the basic design of an engineering drawing as well as an introduction to datum, geometric tolerancing and designing components.

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Our Introduction to Measurement and Measurement Uncertainty courses have now moved to be within our free e-Learning Measurement Explained series.

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NPL good practice online modules aim to improve measurement understanding and technical competence.

The online modules are in short sections, for a more manageable learning experience.

Choose a subject, brush up on your knowledge and test your skills!

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