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Customer Survey

A selection of highlighted data from our 2012 Customer Survey with information on how to get your own copy.
Customer Survey


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Why contact NPL?

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In 2012 a survey was undertaken of 534 organisations that make use of NPL 'products' in order to understand our impact and help us refine and improve our offering.

Our survey aimed to:

  • Find out more about the profile of our customers
  • Understand the challenges that our customers are facing
  • Determine how measurement and NPL has impacted their business
  • Solicit feedback on NPL's products

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of our customers want to be kept up-to-date with our work

21% of trainees would prefer online accredited training and we are developing a pilot to test this

NPL's customer sectors (click here to view key)

Manufacturing 44%
Business services/commerce 24%
NHS 10%
Calibration suppliers 7%
University 6%
Government 4%
Wholesale and retail 2%
Other healthcare 2%
Other services 1%


They set the standards, so they'd know what the answer to the problem was and could give the right advice.

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Customer Survey 2012 FrontcoverFor more insights, please download our Customer Survey (0.75 MB PDF)


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