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Product Verification Product Verification Health Check

Find out which improvements will have the maximum impact.

By working with suppliers of complex machined parts to the civil nuclear, aerospace and oil and gas industries, NPL experts helped:

  • Resolve a non-conformance problem which resulted in a new £40,000 order
  • Identify annual savings in inspection of £10,000 on one part alone
  • Deliver savings of £20,000 per year and £500,000 of new orders as a result of new methods of machine tool verification
  • Reduce manufacturing lead-times
  • Support case for removal of customer eye-over check that would save £75,000 in one year

The Product Verification Health Check (PVHC) is divided into four main themes:

  • Measurement fundamentals and foundations
  • Measurement and process setting
  • In-process control and verification
  • Post process and part verification

The PVHC is carried out by accredited specialists with experience of manufacturing processes, design and metrology systems. They use a combination of questionnaires, observations, informal interviews, and hands on measurement and data collection to examine all verification aspects of:

  • Equipment: measuring instruments, calibration, implementation
  • People: capabilities, training, education, skills
  • Process: design, test methods, specification
  • Materials: materials, items to be tested ('parts'), sampling plan and preparation
  • Environment: temperature, humidity, conditioning, pre-conditioning, cleanliness
  • Management: metrology system, support of QMS, training programmes, leadership

In most cases, the company will learn a lot from the specialist and some make simple changes while the Health Check is taking place that lead to immediate improvements and measureable 'bottom line' benefits.

The specialist will provide you with a report of detailed observations but more importantly work with you to create a 'live' product verification action plan which will include descriptions of recommended activities and sources of further help.


Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission