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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's National Measurement Institute and has a mission to provide the measurement capability that underpins the UK's prosperity and quality of life. To ensure delivery of this mission NPL has set up the Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science, bringing together more than 150 postgraduate researchers co-supervised by NPL staff, in collaboration with over 30 UK universities. The Postgraduate Institute is managed in association with the universities of Surrey and Strathclyde to enable a postgraduate experience which will place students well for future employability and skills.

The Postgraduate Institute enables postgraduate students to progress their doctoral work programme in a friendly, supportive, expert environment. In addition to their university and NPL co-supervisors, mentoring will be available from many sources, namely the large cohort body, co-workers and the wider NPL expert pool, comprising the widest variety of measurement specialists in the UK all under one roof.

The Postgraduate Institute is already establishing itself as an internationally-acclaimed research centre, providing world-leading support and training infrastructure and vital opportunities to establish a wider network of collaborations for cohorts of students collaborating with NPL, industry partners, higher education institutes and other designated measurement institutes.

The unique collaboration of universities, NPL and a Director, Dr Richard Burguete, drawn from industry, places the Postgraduate Institute in a superb position to fulfil its aims to develop and nurture the next generation of world-class measurement scientists.

The vision behind the Postgraduate Institute is for it to be the leading centre for doctoral training and skills development in metrology and its applications in physical, engineering, biological and chemical sciences. It's an exciting time for the Postgraduate Institute as NPL has ambitious plans for the future and it will be a key part of our continuing development as a world-leading science organisation."

– Dr Peter Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
National Physical Laboratory

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