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Thomas Bacquart

Dr Thomas Bacquart is a Higher Research Scientist in the Gas and Particle Metrology Group. His focus is on the purity analysis of fuel cell hydrogen. Following the development of fuel cell vehicles, new gas standards and analytical methods need to be developed to ensure the quality of hydrogen provided by refuelling stations.


Thomas gained his Masters in Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux 1, France. In 2007, he obtained his PhD in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, also from the University of Bordeaux 1. He worked for two years as a research engineer in the Analytical Technology Department of Rio Tinto Alcan (aluminium producer). In 2011, he joined the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM) as a technical project manager in the Reference Materials Unit. He managed the production and the certification of several certified reference materials for trace elements in metal, e.g. ERM-EB530, ERM-EB074, ERM-EB075.

Selected publications

  • Bacquart T., Moens A., Linsinger T., 'The certification of the gold mass fraction in Al-0.1% Au alloy: ERM®-EB530A, B and C', EUR Report 26830 - European Community, Luxembourg (2014)
  • Saunders S.R.J., Bacquart T., Almagro J-F., Braun A., Busch P., Couteau O., Gohil D.D., Karduck P., Kerckhove G., Linsinger T., Richter S., Roebben G., Sauvage X., Sloof W.G., Thiot J-F., Whitwood M., Wirth T., 'The certification of the mass fraction of carbon in cementite grains in a Fe-C matrix: IRMM-471', EUR Report 25843 - European Community, Luxembourg (2013)
  • Bacquart T., Bradshaw K., Frisbie S., Mitchell E., Springston G., Defelice J., Dustin H., Sarkar B., 'A survey of arsenic, manganese, boron, thorium, and other toxic metals in the groundwater of a West Bengal, India neighbourhood', Metallomics, 4: 653-659 (2012)
  • Bacquart T., Deves G., Carmona A., Tucoulou R., Bohic S., Ortega R., 'Subcellular Speciation Analysis of Trace Element Oxidation States Using Synchrotron Radiation Micro-X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure', Anal. Chem., 79 (19): 7353-7359 (2007)

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