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Tanja Pangerc

Current interests

Tanja Pangerc

Dr Tanja Pangerc is working on the issue of anthropogenic underwater noise and its potential impact on marine life. She has conducted research worldwide collaborating with many leading institutes in underwater acoustic and bio-acoustic work. She is experienced in the field of underwater acoustics and offshore measurements in both academic and commercial environment.


Tanja obtained her BSc in biology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and conducted her PhD with the British Antarctic Survey in the UK. Following her PhD (that used underwater sound to study Antarctic baleen whales), she was employed in the private sector before joining NPL in January 2012.

Tanja has been awarded numerous grants, including a Marie Curie PhD scholarship and a British Antarctic Survey grant.

Selected publications

  • Theoretical comparison of cumulative sound exposure estimates from jacket and tripod foundation construction
    P. A. Lepper, T. Pangerc, S. P. Robinson and P. D. Theobald
    Underwater Acoustic Measurements Conference Proceedings (2011)
  • Passive acoustic monitoring of baleen whales around South Georgia
    T. Pangerc (2010)
    PhD Thesis, University of East Anglia and the British Antarctic Survey, UK

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Tel: 020 8943 6231

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