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Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson leads the technical work in Underwater Acoustics metrology at NPL. His current research interests include: characterisation of underwater noise sources; in situ measurement of ocean noise; hydrophone and sonar calibration techniques (including at simulated ocean conditions); characterisation of the acoustic properties of materials; underwater acoustic propagation and modelling. Stephen is a Member of the Institute of Acoustics and the Institute of Physics.


With over 27 years' experience in underwater acoustic metrology as an acoustical physicist at NPL, Stephen has over 100 publications to his name including papers in refereed journals, proceedings of conferences and technical reports. He serves on numerous standards committees for ISO, IEC and BSI as well as steering committees for Defra and the UK Marine Science Coordination Committee (Underwater Sound Forum). Stephen represents the UK on the EC Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Technical Sub-Group on underwater noise. Stephen has organised numerous sessions at international conferences, and chaired/organised international conferences for the IOA.

Selected publications

  • What is the Source Level of Pile Driving Noise in Water?
    M Ainslie, C de Jong, S Robinson, P Lepper
    The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 730, edited by A N Popper and A Hawkins (Springer, New York), pp 445-448 (2012)
  • Measurement of noise arising from marine aggregate dredging operations
    S Robinson, P Theobald, G Hayman, L Wang, P Lepper, V Humphrey, S Mumford
    MALSF (MEPF Ref no. 09/P108), published by the MALSF, ISBN 978 0907545 57 6 (2011)
  • Measurement and testing of the acoustic properties of materials: a review
    B Zeqiri, W Scholl and S P Robinson
    Metrologia47, pp S156-S171 (2010)
  • Absolute calibration of hydrophones immersed in sandy sediment
    G B N Robb, SP Robinson, P D Theobald, G Hayman, V F Humphrey, T G Leighton and Lian Sheng Wang, J K Dix and A I Best
    J. Acoust. Soc .Am., 125, pp 2918-2927 (2009)
  • Prediction of acoustic radiation from axisymmetric surfaces with arbitrary boundary conditions using the boundary element method on a distributed computing system
    L Wright, S P Robinson and V F Humphrey
    J. Acoust. Soc .Am., 125, pp 1374-1383 (2009)

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