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Stephen Giblin

Stephen Giblin studied physics at Bristol University, receiving a PhD in experimental solid-state physics in 1997. His thesis research was on magnetic properties of mercury-based high temperature superconductors.

He joined NPL in 1997 to develop current standards based on the controlled transport of single electrons. Initially, he worked on metal-oxide electron pumps, later switching to semiconductor quantum dot pumps when it became clear these had the potential to generate higher currents. Additionally, Stephen has worked in the following areas of metrology and nano-science:

  • Co-axial ac bridges for impedance measurement
  • Precision measurement of the quantum Hall effect with ac current
  • Cryogenic current comparators for precise resistance ratio measurement
  • Metrological application of the quantum Hall effect in novel semiconductors
  • Precise generation and measurement of small currents
  • Detection of terahertz photons using quantum dots
  • Quantum phase-slip in superconducting nano-wires

Current interests

Stephen is currently focusing on developing the semiconductor single-electron quantum dot pump into a metrological current standard.

Selected publications

  • Precision measurement of a potential-profile tunable single-electron pump
    Myung-Ho Bae, Ye-Hwan Ahn, Minky Seo, Yunchul Chung, J. D. Fletcher, S. P. Giblin, M. Kataoka and Nam Kim
    Metrologia, 52 195 (2015)
  • Gigahertz quantized charge pumping in graphene quantum dots
    M. R. Connolly, K. L. Chiu, S. P. Giblin, M. Kataoka, J. D. Fletcher, C. Chua, J. P. Griffiths, G. A. C. Jones, V. I. Falko, C. G. Smith and T. J. B. M. Janssen
    Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 417 (2013)
  • Towards a quantum representation of the ampere using single electron pumps
    S. P. Giblin, M. Kataoka, J. D. Fletcher, P. See, T. J. B. M. Janssen, J. P. Griffiths, G. A. C. Jones, I. Farrer and D. A. Ritchie
    Nature Communications,3, 930 (2012)
  • Tunable nonadiabatic excitation in a single-electron quantum dot
    M. Kataoka, J. D. Fletcher, P. See, S. P. Giblin, T. J. B. M. Janssen, J. P. Griffiths, G. A. C. Jones, I. Farrer and D. A. Ritchie
    Physical Review Letters,106, 126801 (2011)
  • An accurate high-speed single-electron quantum dot pump
    S. P. Giblin, S. J. Wright, J. D. Fletcher, M. Kataoka, M. Pepper, T. J. B. M. Janssen, D. A. Ritchie, C. A.  Nicoll, D. Anderson and G. A. C. Jones
    New Journal of Physics, 12, 073013 (2010)
  • New capability for generating and measuring small DC currents at NPL
    N. E. Fletcher, S. P. Giblin, J. M. Williams and K. J. Lines
    IEEE Transactions on instrumentation and measurement, 56, 326 (2007)

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