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Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown, who has a BSc in Physics, started his career at NPL in 1980. Initially in the area of Force, Stephen was responsible for the calibration of force transducers and was involved in the design of load cells using finite element analysis. After four years, Stephen was seconded to the Pressure section to rewrite their calibration software for piston cylinder assemblies using X-float techniques. Transferred to the Form and Deformation section in 1985, Stephen was involved in the measurement of structures using photogrammetry and Moiré techniques, and the calibration of length measurement interferometers. In 1993, Stephen was seconded to BAe in Saudi Arabia as a senior metrologist to run their mechanical metrology laboratory. In 1996 Stephen returned to NPL's Mass section, where he took over the responsibility of looking after the UK's kilogram standard (No 18) and the automation of their calibration service. In 2002, Stephen was incorporated into a new section for measurements of 1 and 2 dimensional length measurements using optical techniques. In 2008, NPL's National Freeform Centre was initiated, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of artefacts that could be used to verify 3D dimensional measurements generated by optical systems, such as fringe projection and articulating arms. Since 2013, Stephen has been involved in XCT as a method for traceable engineering measurements, the verification of AM parts and the qualification of composite materials.


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