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Sharon Goddard

Sharon Goddard is a Higher Research Scientist in the Gas and Particle Metrology Group specialising in the analysis of heavy metals in ambient air quality samples. She uses a technique known as 'inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry' (ICP-MS) to make these measurements. This work ensures that levels of heavy metals in UK outdoor air meet limits specified in European Air Quality Directives.

Additionally, Sharon enjoys working on projects researching novel sample preparation and analytical techniques for the determination of heavy metals in environmental samples.


Sharon obtained her BSc in Environmental Protection from the University of Surrey in 2001. After graduating, she worked for two years as an analytical chemist at South East Water testing drinking water samples using a variety of classical and instrumental techniques. This was followed by three years at Intertek Testing Services analysing fuel samples, including jet fuel certification for the aviation industry and characterisation of heavy fuels. Sharon joined NPL in 2006. While still working at NPL, she decided to study part-time for a master's degree, and in 2016 was awarded an MSc with Distinction in Analytical Chemistry from Kingston University. Her research project focused on determining concentrations of beryllium in UK air in relation to guideline levels prescribed by the Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards (EPAQS).

Sharon is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Selected publications

  • Ten years of mercury measurement at urban and industrial air quality monitoring stations in the UK
    Brown, R J C; Goddard S. L; Butterfield, D.M; Brown, A.S; Robins, C; Mustoe, C.L; McGhee E.A.
    Atmospheric Environment, 109, 1-8 (2015)
  • Investigation into alternative sample preparation techniques for the determination of heavy metals in stationary source emission samples collected on quartz filters
    Goddard S. L., Brown R. J. C.
    Sensors, 14, 11, 21676-21692 (2014)
  • UK concentrations of chromium and chromium (VI) (as water soluble chromium) in ambient PM10
    Brown, R J C; Webb, W R; Van Aswegen, S; Goddard, S L
    Atmospheric Environment, 99, 385-391 (2014)
  • Observation of a physical matrix effect during cold vapour generation measurement of mercury in emissions samples
    Brown R. J. C; Webb, W.R; Goddard S. L.
    Analytica Chimica Acta, 823, 20-24 (2014)

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