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Sergi Moreno


Sergi Moreno

Sergi Moreno is a Research Scientist in the Gas Metrology Group. He specialises in the preparation and certification of mixtures containing ethanol and interfering substances used to calibrate breathalysers. He also is involved in the preparation of Natural Gas mixtures and analysis using gas chromatography.


Sergi was awarded his degree in Chemistry in 2000 from the University of Barcelona. Since then, he has worked in many different roles all related to gases. He worked for several years for Linde Gas in Spain, preparing and certifying a large range of mixtures such as Natural Gas, Refinery Gases, Sulphur Odorants, Reactive gases (such as SO2, Cl2, HCl, NH3 and NO/NO2). Following this, he moved to a technical sales position at Bronkhorst High-Tech (dealing with mass flow controllers). More recently, Sergi moved to the UK to work for gas instruments company Servomex in East Sussex, where he was involved in the tuning and calibration of FTIR, Laser and Chromatographs for a wide range of gases and applications in the industrial environment.

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