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Sebastian de Graaf

Research interests

Sebastian de Graaf

Sebastian de Graaf is interested in a wide range of topics within experimental solid state quantum information processing, including superconducting thin-film resonators for use in strong magnetic fields, hybrid resonator-spin systems, superconducting qubits and detectors, as well as cryogenic scanning probe microscopy.

His current work is focused on coherent quantum phase slips in ultra-narrow superconducting wires and in the development of coherent scanning probe techniques in the microwave domain.


Sebastian received his PhD in experimental mesoscopic physics from Chalmers University of Technology in 2014, and joined NPL shortly after.

Selected publications

  • Direct identification of dilute surface spins on Al2O3: Origin of flux noise in quantum circuits
    S. E. de Graaf, A. Adamyan, T. Lindstrom, D. Erts, S. E. Kubatkin, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk, A. V. Danilov
    Physical Review Letters, 118, 057703 (2017)
  • Tunable on-demand single microwave photon source
    Z. Peng, S. E. de Graaf, J. S. Tsai, O. V. Astafiev
    Nature Communications, 7, 12588 (2016)
  • Angular-dependent micro-ESR characterization of a locally doped Gd3+:Al2O3 system
    I. S. Wisby, S. E. de Graaf, R. Gwilliams, A. Adamyan, S. E. Kubatkin, P. J. Meeson, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk, T. Lindstrom
    Physical Review Applied, 6, 024021 (2015)
  • Coherent interaction with two-level fluctuators using near field scanning microwave microscopy
    S. E. de Graaf, A V Danilov and S E Kubatkin
    Scientific Reports, 5, 17176 (2015)
  • Mixed valence radical cations and intermolecular complexes derived from indenofluorene-extended tetrathiafulvalenes
    MA Christensen, CR Parker, T Just Sørensen, SE de Graaf, Thorbjørn J Morsing, T Brock-Nannestad, J Bendix, MM Haley, P Rapta, AV Danilov, SE Kubatkin, O Hammerich, M Brøndsted Nielsen
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2 (48), 10428 (2014)
  • Galvanically split superconducting microwave resonators for introducing internal voltage bias
    SE de Graaf, D Davidovikj, A Adamyan, SE Kubatkin, AV Danilov
    Applied Physics Letters, 104 (5), 052601 (2014)
  • Charge Qubit Coupled to an Intense Microwave Electromagnetic Field in a Superconducting Nb Device: Evidence for Photon-Assisted Quasiparticle Tunnelling
    SE de Graaf, J Leppäkangas, A Adamyan, AV Danilov, T Lindström, M Fogelström, T Bauch, G Johansson, SE Kubatkin
    Physical Review Letters,111, (13), 137002 (2013)

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