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Sam Bartlett

Sam Bartlett is a Research Scientist in the Gas and Particle Metrology Group. He is currently working on the high accuracy preparation and analysis of odorant gas mixtures to support industry and research by enabling accurate odorisation of energy gases, such as natural gas and hydrogen. Sam uses gas chromatography with detection techniques such as flame ionization, sulphur chemiluminescence and mass spectroscopy to fulfil these analytical requirements. He is involved with the preparation of emission gas mixtures and analysis using non-dispersive infrared, non-dispersive ultraviolet and paramagnetic spectroscopy. Sam is also responsible for development and maintenance of NPL's novel dynamic dilution facility, which uses mass-flow controllers in conjunction with mass-flow elements in order to prepare traceable reference gas standards at ambient levels to fulfil EU Air Quality Directives.


Sam graduated from the University of Portsmouth, obtaining a BSc in Environmental Science, in 2011. His final year research project focused upon quantifying heavy metal pollution within sediment, biota and water downstream of a disused mine in Cornwall, UK, using ICP-MS techniques. After graduating, Sam strengthened his analytical background whilst working as a consultant for an independent environmental consultancy, focusing on assessment of airborne pollutants.

Sam is an associate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Selected publications

  • A novel method for measuring trace amounts of total sulphur-containing compounds in hydrogen
    M. L. Downey, A. Murugan, S. Bartlett, A. S. Brown
    Journal of Chromatography A, 1375, 140-145 (2015)

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