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Richard Burguete

Postgraduate Institute Director

Richard Burguete


Richard graduated from the University of Sheffield with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1994. Following three years as postdoctoral researcher working in Experimental Mechanics, he joined the Experimental Stress Analysis group at Airbus in Bristol where he developed and implemented a variety of optical stress and deformation measurement techniques for structural testing.

Having followed a postgraduate training pathway, Richard has then delivered technical solutions in his field of expertise, with a focus on the usual business challenges of optimising cost and time. The value of collaborative engagement is well understood by Richard where from 2002 to 2004 as chairman of BSSM (the British Society for Strain Measurement) he fostered the development of stronger links between industry and academia along with other similar societies.

Richard remains passionate about a joint industry and academic framework being the ideal platform for postgraduate training, leading to the development of extremely desirable skillsets for the benefit of industry and academia alike, so increasing career prospects for postgraduate researchers.

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