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Richard Brown

Dr Richard Brown is leading work in the trace chemical analysis area to provide traceability for, and improve the accuracy of, measurements of pollutants in ambient air and other environmental matrices. He is also involved in research into complex data analysis and calibration techniques.


Richard received his BSc in Chemistry (together with the Governors' Prize for Chemistry) and his PhD in Electrochemistry from Imperial College, London, in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Since then he has worked for NPL.

In 2009, Richard was awarded the 34th SAC Silver Medal by the Royal Society of Chemistry "for his excellence in the application of measurement science to a variety of analytical chemistry problems. In particular, the areas of: environmental analytical chemistry, electroanalysis and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy." In 2008 and again in 2013, he won the CITAC Award for the Most Important Paper in Metrology in Chemistry for his work on mercury vapour measurement, and silver chloride reference electrodes, respectively.

In 2012, Richard was awarded the Doctor of Science (DSc) Degree from Imperial College London in 'The Application of Measurement Science to Environmental Analytical Chemistry for Air Quality Studies'.

Richard has published in excess of 175 peer-reviewed papers.

Richard is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Scientist and holder of the European Chemist designation.

He is currently Knowledge Leader for the Environment Division and Science Area Leader for the Emissions & Atmospheric Metrology Group.

In 2015, Richard was made an NPL Fellow in Chemical Metrology and in 2017 he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's L S Theobald Lectureship, in recognition of his significant contributions to the analytical sciences.

Selected publications

  • Ten years of mercury measurement at urban and industrial air quality monitoring stations in the UK
    Brown, R J C; Goddard, S L; Butterfield, D M; Brown, A S; Robins, C; Mustoe, C L; McGhee, E A
    Atmospheric Environment, 2015, 109, 1-8
  • Proposals for nomenclature to clarify the expression of units for counting quantities
    Brown, R J C; Brewer, P J
    Metrologia, 2015, 52, L1-L3
  • UK concentrations of chromium and chromium (VI) (as water soluble chromium) in ambient PM10
    Brown, R J C; Webb, W R; Van Aswegen, S; Goddard, S L
    Atmospheric Environment, 2014, 99, 385-391
  • Assessing the performance of standard methods to predict the standard uncertainty of air quality data having incomplete time coverage
    Brown, R J C; Harris, P M; Cox, M G
    Environmental Science: Process & Impacts, 2014, 16, 1700-1704
  • Twenty years of measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in UK ambient air by nationwide air quality networks
    Brown, A S; Brown, R J C; et al
    Environmental Science: Process & Impacts, 2013, 15, 1199-1215

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