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Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis is the Director of the NPL Quantum Metrology Institute and leads the Time, Quantum & Electromagnetics (TQEM) Division. The Division covers activity in communications technologies, electromagnetic measurements, timing services, atomic clocks and quantum electronics. The Division has over 100 scientists and over 50 additional students and guest workers.

Rhys has previously worked in a range of areas of NPL. He joined NPL in 2007 as an interim Division Head in the Optical Technologies & Scientific Computing team. He then became interim Group Leader for Gas Metrology & Trace Analysis, a world-leading capability at NPL. Having recruited his own replacement, Rhys took the role of interim Group Leader in the Quantum Frequency Standards Group, a technology more closely related to his scientific background. He has now moved to be responsible for the TQEM Division, which includes this Group.


Rhys received a BA degree in Physics in 1980 from the University of Oxford and a DPhil degree in atomic and laser physics, also from Oxford, in 1985. From university he joined a company manufacturing a range of laser products and associated opto-electronic systems, where he was responsible for new product development.

More recently, Rhys led an instrumentation company where he started as Research & Development Manager, leading a team of scientists and engineers in the development of new analytical instrumentation products. He later took responsibility for the whole business unit and was a member of the senior management team for the European operation. He also chaired the water instrumentation networking organisation SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group) for two years.

After starting an independent consultancy in 2006, Rhys worked for a variety of companies, including roles as CEO of a university start-up company. He was project manager in another SME, developing some advanced imaging-based instrumentation for the water industry. He also had a variety of roles reviewing and assessing technologies within companies and universities. In late 2007, Rhys took an interim role at NPL which led to his current position.

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