National Physical Laboratory

Dr Paul Howarth

Professor Paul Howarth

Chief Executive Officer
UK National Nuclear Laboratory

Non-Executive Director
National Physical Laboratory

Chair of the Science and Technology Advisory Council, NPL

Paul Howarth, Chief Executive Officer of the UK National Nuclear Laboratory, has led NNL through its transformation to a Government Owned Government Operated organisation, which sits at the heart of the UK's nuclear energy programmes. Paul has held various senior roles in the nuclear industry covering research and development, energy policy, commercial and support to plant operations. He spent the early part of his career with BNFL, has worked in Japan on its nuclear programme and also on technology development for the semiconductor industry. He also has experience in the academic sector, having co-founded the Dalton Nuclear Institute at the University of Manchester. More recently, he was Executive Director of Battelle Energy UK Ltd and part of the private sector management team that was awarded the M&O contract from the National Nuclear Laboratory.

Paul sits on various R&D Committees and he has worked closely with British government on the development of its Nuclear Energy Policy. He is currently a member of the Nuclear Industry Council, is also on the Board of the Association of Independent Research & Technology Organisations (AIRTO) and is Chair of the Nuclear Centre of Excellence, a regional initiative in Cumbria that brings together public and private sector organisations across the industrial landscape.

In December 2014, Paul joined the NPL Board as a Non-Executive Director. Paul holds degrees in Physics, Astrophysics and Business Administration. He gained his PhD on the European fusion programme, is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Nuclear Institute, and was elected to the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014.

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