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Current interests

Michael de Podesta

Dr Michael de Podesta's wide-ranging research interests concern all aspects of temperature measurement: from building the most accurate thermometer ever made; to developing industrial sensors capable of surviving harsh conditions; to measuring the temperature underneath the wheel of a train travelling at over one hundred miles per hour; to representing NPL on the steering committee of the International Surface Temperature Initiative.

Michael is also an active Science Ambassador and leads the Protons for Breakfast course.


Michael graduated with a BSc from Sussex University in 1981 and then in 1985 completed a DPhil in the electronic properties of metals at cryogenic temperatures. After postdoctoral work at Bristol University, he was appointed a lecturer at the University of London in 1987, and joined NPL in 2000.

Michael is a chartered physicist, a member of the Institute of Physics, and in 2009 was awarded an MBE for services to Science.

Selected publications

  • D.F. Mark, F.M. Stuart and M. de Podesta
    New high-precision measurements of the isotopic composition of atmospheric argon
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
    75 (2011) 7494-7501
  • R Underwood, D Flack, P Morantz, G Sutton, P Shore and M de Podesta
    Dimensional characterisation of a quasispherical resonator by microwave and co-ordinate measurement techniques
    2011 Metrologia 48, 1
  • Michael de Podesta, Gavin Sutton, Robin Underwood, Stephanie Bell, Mark Stevens, Thomas Byrne and Patrick Josephs-Franks
    Outgassing of water vapour, and its significance in experiments to determine the Boltzmann constant
    2011 Metrologia 48 L
  • Gavin Sutton, Robin Underwood, Laurent Pitre, Michael de Podesta, Staf Valkiers
    Acoustic resonator experiments at the triple point of water: first results for the Boltzmann constant and remaining challenges
    International Journal of Thermophysics2010: 31 (7) 1310
  • M de Podesta, E F May, J B Mehl, L Pitre, R M Gavioso, G Benedetto, P A Giuliano Albo, D Truong and D Flack
    Characterization of the volume and shape of quasi-spherical resonators using coordinate measurement machines
    2010 Metrologia, 47 588 (selected as a Research Highlight)
  • M. de Podesta, G. Sutton, R. Underwood, S. Legg and A. Steinitz
    Practical Acoustic Thermometry with Acoustic Waveguides
    International Journal of Thermophysics: 2010 31 (8) 1554
  • Michael de Podesta, Gavin Sutton, Robin Underwood, Paul Morantz, Stuart Davidson, Michael Perkin
    Assessment Of Uncertainty In The Determination Of The Boltzmann Constant By An Acoustic Technique International Journal of Thermophysics
    2010 32(1-2) pp 413-426
  • G. Hinds, M. Stevens, J. Wilkinson, M. de Podesta, S. Bell
    Novel in-situ measurements of relative humidity in a PEMFC
    J. Power Sources 2009 186 (1) pp 52-57
  • M. de Podesta and G. Edwards
    The Limits of a Rayleigh-Scattering Primary Thermometer
    International Journal of Thermophysics 2008 29 (5) pp 1719-1729

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