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Maurice Cox

Current interests

Maurice Cox

Dr Maurice Cox's work includes:

  • Mathematical modelling, especially applied to measurement science
  • Generic approaches for measurement uncertainty evaluation
  • Statistical evaluation of interlaboratory comparison data
  • Numerical analysis, especially related to mathematical models in physics, chemistry and biology
  • Preparation of International Standards and Guides to support ISO, JCGM, and the Consultative Committees of the CIPM

In the future he would like apply some of these topics to the challenging areas of pharmaceutical science and climate modelling.


Maurice received a BSc in Applied Mathematics from City University, London, and a PhD in Numerical Analysis (spline functions) also from City University.

Maurice worked for several years at the General Electric Company and subsequently at NPL. He is an NPL Senior Fellow and currently a consultant to NPL where he is concerned with generic approaches to the evaluation of measurement uncertainty and methods for the evaluation of interlaboratory comparison data. He has much experience in applying these approaches to diverse fields.

Maurice is Visiting Professor in Computational Mathematics at Kingston University, and chairs a number of national and international committees and working groups, namely, British Standards Committee SS/6 on Precision of Test Methods, and Panel SS/6/-/3 on Measurement Uncertainty, International Standards Organization ISO/TC 69 Working Group WG 11 on Software and Standards, and Working Group SC 6/WG 7 on Statistical methods to support measurement uncertainty evaluation. He also chairs BIPM Director's Advisory Group on Measurement Uncertainty, and the CCQM Key Comparison Reference Value Working Group.

Maurice is a founder member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and is a Fellow of that Institute. He is also a Chartered Mathematician.

Maurice has published more than 100 papers in refereed journals.

Selected publications

  • Spectrometer bandwidth correction for generalized bandpass functions
    E. R. Woolliams, R. Baribeau, Agnieszka Bialek and M. G. Cox
    Metrologia, 48, pp 164-172 (2011)
  • Propagation of distributions by a Monte Carlo method, with an application to ratio models
    M. G. Cox
    Eur. Phys. J.-Spec. Top., 172, pp 153-162 (2009)
  • The area under a curve specified by measured values
    M. G. Cox
    Metrologia, 44, pp 365-378 (2007)
  • The evaluation of key comparison data: determining the largest consistent subset
    M. G. Cox
    Metrologia, 44, pp 187-200 (2007)
  • An approach based on the SIR measurement model for determining the ionization chamber efficiency curves, and a study of 65Zn and 201Tl photon emission intensities
    C. Michotte, A. K. Pearce, M. G. Cox, and J.-J. Gostely
    Appl. Radiat. Isotopes, 64, pp 1147-1155 (2006)
  • Evolution of the 'Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement'
    W. Bich, M. G. Cox, and P. M. Harris
  • Metrologia, 43, pp S161-S166 (2006)
  • The use of a Monte Carlo method for evaluating uncertainty and expanded uncertainty
    M. G. Cox and B. R. L. Siebert
    Metrologia, 43, pp S178-S188 (2006)

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