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Maurice Cox

Current interests

Maurice Cox

Dr Maurice Cox's work includes:

  • Mathematical modelling, especially applied to measurement science
  • Generic approaches for measurement uncertainty evaluation
  • Statistical evaluation of interlaboratory comparison data
  • Numerical analysis, especially related to mathematical models in physics, chemistry and biology
  • Preparation of International Standards and Guides to support ISO, JCGM, and the Consultative Committees of the CIPM


Maurice received a BSc in Applied Mathematics from City University, London, and a PhD in Numerical Analysis (spline functions) also from City University.

Maurice worked for several years at the General Electric Company and since 1968 at NPL. He is an NPL Senior Fellow and currently a consultant to NPL where he is concerned with generic approaches to the evaluation of measurement uncertainty and methods for the evaluation of interlaboratory comparison data. He has much experience in applying these approaches to diverse fields.

Since the 1990s a main interest has been measurement uncertainty evaluation. Maurice has made major contributions to Supplements to the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM) and other related guides through his membership of the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM). He has editorial responsibility for producing a revised version of the GUM. With NPL colleagues he has delivered training courses on measurement uncertainty evaluation for many years in the UK and other countries, and regularly at NPL.

Maurice is Visiting Professor in Computational Mathematics at Kingston University, and chairs a number of national and international committees and working groups, namely, British Standards Committee SS/6 on Precision of Test Methods, and Panel SS/6/-/3 on Measurement Uncertainty, and International Standards Organization ISO/TC 69/SC 6/WG 7 on Statistical methods to support measurement uncertainty evaluation. He also chairs BIPM Director's Advisory Group on Measurement Uncertainty. Maurice is JCGM liaison for ISO/TC 69.

Maurice is a Fellow and founder member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. He is also a Chartered Mathematician and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Maurice has published more than 200 papers in refereed journals.

Selected publications

  • Validating the applicability of the GUM procedure
    Maurice G Cox and Peter M Harris
    Metrologia, 51, S167, 2014
  • On a Monte Carlo method for measurement uncertainty evaluation and its implementation
    P M Harris and M G Cox
    Metrologia, 51, S176, 2014
  • Assessing the performance of standard methods to predict the standard uncertainty of air quality data having incomplete time coverage
    Richard J C Brown, Peter M Harris and Maurice G Cox
    Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 2014
  • Improved strategies for calculating annual averages of ambient air pollutants in cases of incomplete data coverage
    Richard J C Brown, Peter M Harris and Maurice G Cox
    Environment Science Processes & Impacts, 15 (5) 904-911, 2013
  • Summarizing the output of a Monte Carlo method for uncertainty evaluation
    P M Harris, C E Matthews, M G Cox and A B Forbes
    Metrologia, 51, 243-252, 2014
  • Uncertainty in measurement of protein circular dichroism spectra
    Maurice G Cox, Jascindra Ravi, Paulina D Rakowska and Alex E Knight
    Metrologia, 51, 67-79, 2014
  • Numerical aspects in the evaluation of measurement uncertainty
    Maurice Cox, Alistair Forbes, Peter Harris, and Clare Matthews
    IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology (Eds: Andrew M Dienstfrey, Ronald F Boisvert), 377, 2012
    ISBN: 978-3-642-32676-9 (Print), 978-3-642-32677-6 (Online)
  • Revision of the 'Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement'
    Walter Bich, Maurice G Cox, et al
    Metrologia, 49, 702-705, 2012
  • The evaluation of key comparison data using key comparison reference curves
    M G Cox and P M Harris
    Metrologia, 49, 164-172, 2012
    doi: 10.1088/0026-1394/49/4/437
  • Assessment of the GUM S1 Adaptive Monte Carlo Scheme
    G Wübbeler, P M Harris, M G Cox and C Elster
    Advanced Mathematical & Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing IX: Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences (Eds: F Pavese, M Bär, J-R Filtz, A B Forbes, L Pendrill, K Shirono), 84, 2012
    World Scientific, New Jersey

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