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Martin Rides

Dr Martin Rides is currently involved in the development of techniques for the measurement of the rheological and thermal properties of polymeric systems, with particular interests in developing reduced length-scale measurement capability. Applications are, for example, for characterisation of pharmaceuticals facilitating drug development, and for thermal analysis of polymeric micro-mouldings and devices to facilitate design and product enhance performance.


Martin has in excess of 25 years experience in research in the development of test methods for polymeric materials. He graduated with a PhD from Brunel University in 1993, where his thesis was on the measurement and modelling of the flow properties of thermosetting materials. His expertise is in the characterisation of the rheological (flow) properties of polymeric materials. The techniques covered have included melt flow rate testing of thermoplastics to the more elaborate measurement of the extensional viscoelastic behaviour of polymers. More recently, he has worked on development of test methods for thermophysical properties characterisation of materials, including the use of AFM-based thermally active devices. Increasing emphasis has been on applications in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.

Martin is actively involved in the development of ISO standards for rheological properties of polymers. He is currently the chairman of the ISO Working Group on Melt Rheology of Plastics (ISO TC61/SC5/WG9), and UK delegate for the Working Groups on Thermal Properties (ISO TC61/SC5/WG8) and Viscosity (ISO TC61/SC5/WG5). He is a member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and of the British Society of Rheology. He is also a committee member of the Polymer Society Board of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, representing and promoting the interests of the polymers and rubber community within and by the Institute.

Martin leads the Polymeric Materials research at NPL. He has been and continues to be involved in developing and executing collaborative research projects, including Technology Strategy Board and European Framework funded activity, and corporate funded research. He has published over 100 reports and papers, and has led the development of several, now published, ISO standards.

Selected publications

  • An investigation of high rate capillary extrusion rheometry of thermoplastics
    M. Rides, A. L. Kelly, C. R. G. Allen
    Polymer Testing 30 (8), pages 916-924 (2011)
  • Viscosity of concentrated therapeutic protein composition
    J. Jezek, M. Rides, B. Derham, J. Moore, E Cerasoli, R. Simler, and B. Perez-Ramirez
    Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 63 (13), pages 1107-1117 (2011)
  • On the Determination of Darcy Permeability Coefficients for a Microporous Tissue Scaffold
    Y. Wang, P. E. Tomlins, A. G. A. Coombes, M. Rides
    Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 16 (2), pages 281-289 (2010)
  • Rheological characterisation of a highly filled curing system using a disposable extrusion rheometer
    M. Rides, C. R. G. Allen and G. D. Sims
    Polymer Testing 29 (2), pages 164-169 (2010)
  • Interlaboratory comparison of melt flow rate testing of moisture sensitive plastics
    M. Rides, C. Allen, H. Omloo, K. Nakayama, G. Cancelli
    Polymer Testing 28 (6), pages 572-591 (2009)
  • Intercomparison of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity methods for plastics
    M. Rides, J. Morikawa, L. Halldahl, B. Hay, H. Lobo, A. Dawson, C. Allen
    Polymer Testing 28 (5), pages 480-489 (2009)
  • Polymer-mould interface heat transfer coefficient measurements for polymer processing
    A. Dawson, M. Rides, C. R. G. Allen and J. M. Urquhart
    Polymer Testing 27 (5), pages 555-565 (2008)
  • Intercomparison of slip flow velocity measurements of filled polymers by capillary extrusion rheometry
    M. Rides, C. Allen, D. Fleming, B. Haworth, A. Kelly
    Polymer Testing, 27 (3), pages 308-320 (2008)

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