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Mark Hodnett

Mark Hodnett is leading NPL's work on the development and exploitation of measurement devices and standards in industrial ultrasonics, particularly in high power ultrasound applications such as advanced pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, cleaning, and environmental remediation. He is also leading research into characterisation techniques for pump cavitation, and is responsible for NPL's Acoustic Output Measurement services, enabling medical device manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with FDA and IEC standards.


Mark was awarded a BSc degree in Physics with Acoustics from the University of Surrey in 1994, and started work at NPL in July of that year, commencing NPL's research into measurement techniques for acoustic cavitation. Since then, he has also developed expertise in medical device characterisation, and collaborated on projects as diverse as aerospace NDE to the processing of sewage sludge.

He has is the lead or co-author of 24 papers in peer-reviewed journals, has written two book chapters, and currently has leadership responsibility for four staff.

Mark is the current President of the Ultrasonic Industry Association, and a visiting lecturer at Hammersmith Hospital.

Selected publications

  • Towards a reference ultrasonic cavitation vessel. Part 1 - Preliminary investigation of the acoustic field distribution in a 25 kHz cylindrical cell
    M. Hodnett, M. J. Choi and B. Zeqiri
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 14, pp 29-40 (2007)
  • Towards a reference ultrasonic cavitation vessel. Part 2 - Investigating the spatial variation and acoustic pressure threshold of inertial cavitation in a 25 kHz ultrasound field
    M. Hodnett and B. Zeqiri
    IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control 55, pp 1809-1822 (2008)
  • High frequency acoustic emissions generated by a 20 kHz sonochemical horn processor detected using a novel broadband acoustic sensor: a preliminary study
    M. Hodnett, R. Chow and B. Zeqiri
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 11, pp 441-454 (2004)
  • Acoustic emission spectra from 515 kHz cavitation in aqueous solutions containing surface-active solutes
    M. Ashokkumar, M. Hodnett, B. Zeqiri, F. Grieser and G. J. Price
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 129, pp 2250-2258 (2007)

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