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Mark Gee

Mark Gee

Current Interests

Mark Gee leads projects that are concerned with the development of measurement methods that link the performance of materials to their microscale structure. A particular focus is to facilitate an improved infrastructure for friction and wear testing in the UK and Europe. Specific research interests are the mechanisms of abrasive and erosive wear for ceramics and other hard materials, the development of micro-tribology test techniques, and the application of FIB-SEM to 3D characterisation of materials and the determination of damage mechanisms due to wear.


Mark Gee is a NPL Fellow in the Materials Division at the National Physical Laboratory. Recently he was awarded the status of visiting Professor at the University of Southampton and is a core member of the national Centre for Advanced Tribology and Southampton. He has published over 200 papers and reports. He has recently been Chairman of the Institute of Physics Tribology Group, and is now Secretary of the Surface Engineering Division of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals. He is also a member of the International Advisory Editorial Boards of Tribology International, and Tribology - Materials Surfaces and Interfaces. He is a member of various standards committees including ASTM Committee G2 on Wear, ISO TC 206 Advanced Ceramics, BS NTI/1 Nanotechnology, and ISO TC 229 Nanotechnologies where he led a project that recently published the first international standard on nanotechnologies.

Role in Group

Mark Gee is Science Leader for the Engineered Materials Science Group which is concerned with the development of test methods to evaluate the life-time performance and durability of engineered materials such as metal alloys, ceramics and their composites, and to develop methods to characterise their microstructure. This will enable an understanding to be developed of how the properties of these materials depend upon their structural and compositional make-up.

Selected Publications

  • Abrasion and Toughness Property Maps for WC/Co Hardmetals
    B. Roebuck, A. J. Gant, M. G. Gee
    Powder Metallurgy 50, pages 111-114 (2007)
  • Application of EBSD to the Evolution of Plastic Deformation in Mechanical Testing of WC/Co Hardmetal
    M.G. Gee, K.P. Mingard and B. Roebuck
    International Journal of Refractory and Hard Materials 27, pages 300-312 (2009)
  • Structure-Property Relationships in Liquid Jet Erosion of Tungsten Carbide Hardmetals
    A. J. Gant and M. G. Gee
    International Journal of Refractory and Hard Materials 27, pages 332-343 (2009)
  • Microtribology Friction Measurements on Microtextured Silicon
    L. Winkless, E. Martinot, M. G. Gee and A. Cuenat
    Tribology 3, pages 165-174 (2009)
  • Sliding Wear Corrosion of Ceramics
    A. J. Gant and M. G. Gee
    17th International Conference on Wear of Materials 267, pages 599-607 (2009)
  • Model Scratch Corrosion Studies for WC/Co Hardmetals
    M. G. Gee
    Wear 268, pages 1170–1177 (2010)
  • Model Single Point Abrasion Studies on WC/Co Hardmetals
    M. G. Gee and L. Nimishakavi
    Int. Journal of Refractory and Hard Materials, 29, pages 1-9 (2011)
  • Review of Micro-scale Abrasion
    A. J. Gant and M. G. Gee
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 44, pages 1-15 (2011)
  • Microtribology Experiments on Engineering Coatings
    M. G. Gee, J. W. Nunn and A. Muniz-Piniella
    Wear 271, pages 2673-2680 (2011)
  • The Wear and Friction Behaviour of Engineering Coatings in Ambient Air and Dry Nitrogen
    A.J. Gant, M.G. Gee, and L.P. Orkney
    Wear 271, pages 2164-2175 (2011)

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