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Current interests

Louise Crocker

Dr Louise Crocker is involved in finite element analysis (FEA) of a broad range of materials, using the FEA package Abaqus. Research interests include using FEA to improve the understanding of physical experiments, measurement of properties and calculation of parameters suitable for use in FEA and prediction of materials behaviour under a range of loading conditions.


Louise obtained a BEng Hons degree in Materials Technology and a PhD on mixed mode intralaminar fracture of glass/epoxy laminates from the University of Surrey. She has over 15 years' research experience at NPL and is now a Senior Research Scientist. Louise is author or co-author of NPL reports, refereed papers and four NPL Measurement Good Practice Guides.

Selected publications

  • Observations on interphase characterisation in polymer composites by nano-scale indentation using AFM and FEA
    T. J. Young, L. E. Crocker, W. R. Broughton, S. L. Ogin and P. A. Smith
    Composites Part A, 50, pp 39-43, 2013
  • Novel images of the evolution of stress corrosion cracks from corrosion pits
    D.A. Horner, B.J. Connolly, S. Zhou, L. Crocker, A. Turnbull
    Corrosion Science, 53, 11, pp 3466-3485, Nov 2011
  • New insight into the pit-to-crack transition from finite element analysis of the stress and strain distribution around a corrosion pit
    A Turnbull, L Wright and L Crocker
    Corrosion Science, 52, 4, pp 1492-1498, April 2010
  • Modelling long term deformation behaviour of polymers for finite element analysis
    G Dean, LN McCartney, L Crocker and R Mera
    Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 38, 9/10, pp 433-443, December 2009
  • Prediction of the impact performance of plastics moulding Part 1: Materials models and determination of properties
    G Dean and L Crocker
    Plastics, Rubbers and Composites, 36, 1, pp 1-13, Feb 2007
  • Prediction of the impact performance of plastics moulding Part 2: Finite element simulations
    L Crocker and G Dean
    Plastics, Rubbers and Composites, 36, 1, pp 14-25, Feb 2007

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