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Current interests

Julia Snaith

Julia Snaith is currently researching the dosimetry requirements for MR-linac beams. She also maintains an active interest in EPID (electronic portal imaging device) dosimetry. She works closely with medical physicists through her work on linac commissioning and radiotherapy department kV, MV and electron beam audits, as well as representing NPL on the national rotational radiotherapy audit. Julia is interested in calorimetry and the dissemination of the UK absorbed dose primary standard graphite calorimeter to the clinic, through both her role as service manager for the photon calibration service and operation of the primary standard graphite calorimeter.


Julia obtained her MSci (Hons) in Physics from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2002, during which time she was awarded the Nolan Merrill and Moreton prizes for academic performance. She went on to pursue a career in Radiation Dosimetry at NPL, receiving a MSc in Radiation Physics with Medical Applications from University College London in 2004. Her MSc thesis was on the characterisation of two new chambers for electron beam dosimetry.

Selected publications

  • Mohammad Hussein, Yatman Tsang, Russell Thomas, Clare Gouldstone, David Maughan, Julia AD Snaith, Steven C Bolton, Andrew Nisbet, Catharine H Clark, 'A methodology for dosimetry audit of rotational radiotherapy using a commercial detector array', Radiother Oncol 108 78-85, 2013
  • Mark Podesta, Sebastiaan M J J G Nijsten, Julia Snaith, Marc Orlandini, Tim Lustberg, Davy Emans, and Frank Verhaegen, 'Measured vs. simulated portal images for low MU fields on three accelerator types: possible consequences for 2D portal dosimetry', Med Phys 39 7470-7479, 2012
  • L CGG Persoon, SMJJG Nijsten, F Wilbrink, M Podesta, JAD Snaith, T Lustberg, WJC van Elmpt, F┬ávan Gils, F Verhaegen, 'Interfractional trend analysis of dose differences based on 2D transit portal dosimetry', Phys Med Biol 57 6445-6458, 2012
  • J A D Pearce, D R Shipley and S Duane, 'Transfer of the UK absorbed dose primary standard for photon beams from the research linac to the clinical linac at NPL', Metrologia 48 365-374, 2011
  • G A Bass, R A S Thomas, J A D Pearce, 'The calibration of parallel-plate electron ionisation chambers at NPL for use with the IPEM 2003 code of practice: summary data', Phys Med Biol 54 N115-N124, 2009
  • J Pearce, R Thomas, A DuSautoy, 'The characterization of the Advanced Markus ionisation chamber for use in reference electron dosimetry in the UK', Phys Med Biol 51 473-483, 2006

Invited presentations

  • J. A. D. Snaith EPID calibration for dosimetry: Progress at NPL and future plans BIR meeting: In-Vivo Dosimetry and Dose Guided Radiotherapy BIR, London 8-9 December (2011)

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