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Jo Humphrey

Jo Humphrey


Jo Humphrey obtained her Chemistry Master's degree from the University of Bristol in 2012, where her final year research project looked at the application of insulating nanodiamond powders as a mechanically and chemically robust alternative to more typical mesoporous carbon supports for fuel cell applications. She then carried out her PhD at the same institution, in which she investigated the catalytic activity of bimetallic nanoparticle electrocatalysts towards various reactions, including CO2 reduction, and CO and formic acid oxidations.

Jo joined NPL in 2016 as a Higher Research Scientist to work on a Horizon2020 project, which aims identify and screen materials for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution, with a primary focus on those based on earth-abundant elements.

Her research interests and expertise includes:

  • Electrocatalysis for energy conversion and storage
  • Electrocatalyst structure-activity relationships
  • Reactivity of noble metal and alloy nanocatalysts
  • Synthesis and testing of colloidal and supported nanoparticles

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