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Jiyu Wu

Jiyu Wu joined NPL in September 2006 as a Higher Research Scientist and became a Senior Research Scientist in April 2010. She is a lead scientist in the development of three UK national standard facilities: High-Temperature Guarded Hot Plate, Axial Heat Flow Meter and High-Temperature High Thermal Conductivity Measurement apparatus. She is responsible for the development of thermal conductivity reference materials for metals/alloys conforming to ISO Guide 34, which provide traceability of thermal conductivity data used in UK industry and worldwide. She is also responsible for precise measurement of thermal conductivity at high temperatures using both steady-state and transient techniques, and covering materials from insulation and refractories to metals, alloys and graphite. Jiyu is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), and a Chartered Engineer.

Jiyu received her PhD from the University of Toronto, Canada in March 2008, and before her PhD program, she worked at the High-Temperature Primary Standard Laboratory within the National Institute of Metrology, China.

Her work in the field of Thermal Science covers the following three areas:

  • High-temperature thermal conductivity measurements (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
  • Effect of adsorption on the surface tension of solids (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • High-temperature primary standard (National Institute of Metrology, China)

Current interests

Jiyu is leading a European Metrology Research Programme project (EMRP SIB 52): Metrology for thermal protection materials. This is a Joint Research Project with other European National Measurement Institutes, LNE, PTB, MKEH and CMI. The summary of the project is published on the website of European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET), funded by the EURAMET and the UK National Measurement Office.

She is the lead scientist in the development of a new High-Temperature High Thermal Conductivity Measurement apparatus. (Funded by the UK National Measurement Office)

Jiyu is also responsible for the development of a measurement technique for characterizing thermal resistance of corrosion layers in a project: Improved measurement of high pressure and early stage corrosion rates. (Funded by the UK National Measurement Office)

She is a consultant for the EMRP project: Metrology of Electro-Thermal Coupling for New Functional Materials Technology. (Funded by the EURAMET and the UK National Measurement Office.)


Jiyu is the Convenor of the CEN TC89/WG14 that is responsible for the thermal conductivity measurement standard for high temperature insulation. She is also a member of CEN Working Group CEN SDG5 TG5, a member of the UK standard committee BSI B/540, and the CPR (EU No 305/2011 Construction Product Regulations) NPL Regional Manager. She represents NPL at the EURAMET TC-T-Thermophysical Quantities of Materials Working Group and also participates as expert in the BIPM CCT-TG-ThQ that is in charge of thermophysical properties.

Selected publications

Jiyu has published more than 10 peer-reviewed papers and those listed below are selected representatives.

  • Corrections for Thermal Expansion in Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Insulations using the High-Temperature Guarded Hot-Plate Method
    J Wu, R Morrell
    International Journal of Thermophysics
    , Vol 33, Issue 2, pp 330-341, 2012
  • Design, Construction and Performance Checks of the NPL Upgraded High-Temperature Guarded Hot-Plate
    J Wu, D Salmon, N Lockmuller, C Stacey
    Proceedings at Thermal Conductivity 30/Thermal Expansion 18 (DEStech Publications Inc, Lancaster, PA, 2010), pp 529-541
  • Effect of adsorption on the surface tensions of solid-fluid interfaces
    C A Ward, Jiyu Wu,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B
    , 111(14): 3685-3694 Apr 2007
  • The realization of Zinc fixed point by radiation thermometry at NIM
    Jiyu Wu, Z Yuan, Y Duan, T Wang, Q Zhao
    TEMPMEKO 2001, Berlin

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