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Ibolya Kepiro

Ibolya Kepiro

Research interests

  • Development, metrology and application of novel technologies for biology and medicine
  • Drug and gene delivery, regenerative and synthetic biology
  • 3D live biomolecular, cell and tissue imaging


Ibolya Kepiro obtained her PhD in Biophotonics from Imperial College London, where she studied in vivo high-resolution retinal imaging for clinical diagnostics. She was involved in several international projects leading the development of 3D structural imaging approaches combining light-sheet fluorescence microscopy with electrophysiology, drug delivery modelling in clinical administration and contributing to the design of nanotechnology strategies for the treatment of diabetic eye diseases.

Ibolya joined NPL in 2017. Her current research focuses on applying high-resolution and correlative imaging (including nanoscopy, light sheet- and electron microscopy) to support and promote the advancement of synthetic biology. She is actively involved in VAMAS TWA 40 coordinating international inter-comparison studies aimed at validating intra- and extra-cellular synthetic biologics which will feed into new international standards for biological measurements.

Selected recent publications

Contact details

Tel: 020 8943 6507

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