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Current interests

Gary Hayman

Gary Hayman's work at NPL involves the development of systems, methods and software for the measurement of the phase response of hydrophones, the characterisation of the acoustic properties of panel materials and the measurement of both ambient and anthropogenic sources of noise in the marine environment.


Gary has been working in the Underwater Acoustics group at NPL since 2000. Prior to joining NPL, he spent sixteen years working for various companies in the field of underwater acoustic measurement.

Selected publications

  • A method for correcting the complex electrical impedance and open-circuit sensitivity of a hydrophone for the effect of added extension cable
    G. Hayman, P. N. Gélat, G. R. Moore, G. O. Wells and S. P. Robinson
    Measurement Science and Technology,18, pages N47-N52 (2012)
  • A method for calibrating hydrophones immersed in sandy sediment
    G. B. Robb, G. Hayman, P. D. Theobald, V. F. Humphrey, S. P. Robinson, T. G. Leighton, J. K. Dix and A. I. Best
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 123 (5), pages 3347-3347 (2008)
  • Sonar material acoustic property measurements using a parametric array
    V. F. Humphrey, S. P. Robinson, G. A. Beamiss, G. Hayman, J. D. Smith, M. J. Martin, and N. L. Carroll
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125, page 2717 (2009)
  • A comparison of hydrophone near-field scans and optical techniques for characterising high frequency sonar transducers
    V. F. Humphrey, S. P. Robinson, P. D. Theobald, G. Hayman, and M. P. Cooling
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 123, page 3436 (2008)

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Tel: 020 8943 7172

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