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Filipe Richheimer

Research interests

Filipe Richheimer
  • Materials characterisation
  • Quantitative scanning probe microscopy


Filipe Richheimer did his BSc and MSc combined in an Integrated Master in Engineering Physics at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. During his MSc he specialised in Nanotechnology, Nanoelectronics and Spintronics. Under the title '3D Magnetic Field Reconstruction with Magnetoresistive Sensors' he developed his MSc focused on exploring the ability of quantitative reconstruction of the axial magnetic field components permanent magnetic samples in the micrometer scale using a scanning probe microscopy setup including a simultaneous topography and magnetic field probe (AFM+GMR). This work was done under the supervision of Prof Susana Cardoso de Freitas and Dr João Gaspar in a collaboration with the Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory.

At NPL, Filipe is working as a Higher Research Scientist on the characterisation of advanced materials using a different scanning probe microscopy techniques, with special focus on conductive and chemical modes of AFM (c-AFM and TERS).

Contact details

Tel: +44 (0)20 8943 6932

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