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Fernando Castro

Dr Fernando Araujo de Castro is leading work on metrology to support photovoltaics and organic and printed electronics. His work focuses on developing measurement solutions to support materials and product development in three broad areas: performance (from nano- to macroscale), durability and spatially resolved characterisation.


Fernando received his BSc and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, working on spin-dependent transport in organic light emitting diodes and processing and characterization of ultrathin luminescent polymer films. He obtained a PhD degree in 2007 from the same university, having spent half of the research time in Switzerland. His PhD focused on nanostructured organic solar cells and gamma ray dosimeters based on organic semiconductors.

Fernando then moved to Switzerland to work at the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) on organic-metal interfaces, development of flexible transparent electrodes, organic photovoltaics and electronic memories. He joined NPL in January 2010, where he is now a Principal Research Scientist and currently coordinates a large European Metrology project (EMRP ThinErgy) involving 13 partners from seven countries.

Fernando has published over 40 papers, two patent applications and several conference presentations related to thin film devices, including light emitting diodes, solar cells and electronic memories. He received the Rayleigh Award (NPL's award for the best publication) in 2012. He is an invited referee for different funding agencies and for 15 scientific journals, including Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Macromolecules, Soft Materials and others. Fernando was also chair or co-chair of international conferences on nanotechnology, plastic electronics and photovoltaics, including ALTECH 2014, 5th UK-Korea Workshop on Plastic Electronics, ISOS-8 and symposium A of B-MRS 2015.

He is the chair of TWA 36 Organic Electronics of VAMAS and a member of BSI AMT009/ IEC TC119 Printed Electronics. Fernando is also a member of the EU COST Action MP1307 StableNextSolar, member of the European Energy Research Alliance, member of the Brazilian Physical Society and a Chartered Physicist of the Institute of Physics (CPhys MInstP).

Selected publications

  • Current landscape of standardisation efforts in organic and printed electronics 2015 - a VAMAS review
    Castro, F A
    NPL Report MAT 73, April 2015
  • Modelling photoconductive atomic force microscopy
    J.C. Blakesley, F.A. Castro
    Phys. Rev. B, 91, 144202 (2015)
  • Towards reliable charge-mobility benchmark measurements for organic semiconductors
    J. C. Blakesley, F. A. Castro, W. Kylberg, G. F.A. Dibb, C. Arantes, R. Valaski, M. Cremona, J. S. Kim, J.-S. Kim
    Organic Electronics, 15, 1263-1272 (2014)
  • Surface and subsurface morphology of operating nanowire:fullerene solar cells revealed by photoconductive-AFM
    W.C. Tsoi, P.G. Nicholson, J.S. Kim, D. Roy, T.L. Burnett, C.E. Murphy, J. Nelson, D.D.C. Bradley, J.S. Kim, F.A. Castro*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 4, 3646-3651 (2011)
  • Woven Electrodes for Flexible Organic Photovoltaic Cells
    W. Kylberg, F.A. Castro, P. Chabrecek, U. Sonderegger, B.T.T. Chu, F. Nuesch, R. Hany
    Advanced Materials, 23, 1015-1019 (2011)
  • Organic photovoltaics: principles and techniques for nanometre scale characterization
    P.G. Nicholson, F.A. Castro
    Nanotechnology, 21, 492001 (2010) (Topical Review - 26 pages)
  • Origin of the Kink in Current-Density vs. Voltage Curves and Efficiency Enhancement of Polymer-C60 Heterojunction Solar Cells
    F.A. Castro, J. Heier, F. Nuesch, R. Hany
    IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 16, 1690-1699 (2010)
  • Nanostructured Organic Layers via Polymer Demixing for Interface-Enhanced Photovoltaic Cells
    F.A. Castro, H. Benmansour, C.F.O. Graeff, F. Nüesch, E. Tutis, R. Hany
    Chemistry of Materials, 18, 5504 - 5509 (2006)

Selected patents

  • Substrate for an optelectronic device, F.A. Castro, P. Chabrecek, F. Nuesch, H.P. Meier, M. Rosenfelder, EU Patent Application DE 102008055969.5 (2008) / WO2010/051976 A1
  • Method for production of selective or laminar coatings in plastic electronics, F.A. Castro, B. Chu, F. Nuesch, Swiss Patent Application 01558/09 (2009)


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