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Chris Robins

Chris Robins is currently an Assistant Research Scientist in the Gas and Particle Metrology Group, delivering two UKAS accredited services: one for the Measurement of Total Particulate-phase for Heavy Metals Mass in ambient air on filter material or mass fraction in acid by using the primary method of Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) techniques. The second is for the Measurement of Mercury Mass in ambient air from Adsorption Tubes by using thermal desorption and atomic fluorescence instruments. Providing data analysis for Defra at 25 monitoring sites across the UK for the heavy metals network and two monitoring sites for vapour phase mercury network, Chris also delivers a service for the Measurement of Total Carbon (Elemental plus Organic Carbon) particulate matter in ambient air that has been sampled onto quartz filters following recognised standard methods then analysed by using the primary method of a Sunset Laboratory Carbon Aerosol Analysis Instrument. She also provides data analysis for four monitoring sites across the UK.


Chris first joined NPL in 2007 in the Engineering Services Measurement Group, working mainly in Contact Thermometry, delivering a UKAS calibration service for thermometers and thermocouples by comparison techniques. She performed calibrations on high-temperature noble metal thermocouples using fixed-point cells and wire-point techniques to provide direct traceability to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) and was the primary person who manufactured Platinum-Rhodium thermocouples for supply to customers. Chris was involved in two new calibration techniques prior to introduction into the calibration service schedule, the new metal-carbon Co-C eutectic fixed point and the new Gold and Palladium wire-point. In 2011, Chris first joined the Emissions and Atmospheric Metrology Group with in the Environment Division working mainly in the Stack Emissions Lab providing accurate results for filter weighing by using the gravimetric technique, the method used for the determination of low range mass concentration of dust particulate matter from emissions sources like refineries, power stations, waste incinerators, ducts and stacks. Later in 2011, she joined the Gas and Particle Metrology Group.

Selected publications

  • Ten years of mercury measurement at urban and industrial air quality monitoring stations in the UK
    Brown, R J C; Goddard, S L; Butterfield, D M; Brown, A S; Robins, C; Mustoe, C L; McGhee, E A
    Atmospheric Environment, 2015, 109,1-8, 2015

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