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Bajran Zeqiri

Bajram Zeqiri is the Lead Scientist for the Ultrasound area in the NPL Acoustics group. His current research interests relate to a number of areas of ultrasound metrology, in particular the development of: hydrophone calibration techniques; measurement methods for acoustic cavitation applied to its industrial applications; novel acoustic materials and their characterisation; sensitive methods of measuring ultrasound power and acoustic intensity; and phase-insensitive imaging and characterisation techniques for inhomogeneous media relevant to clinical imaging.

Bajram is a Member of the Institute of Physics.


Bajram Zeqiri joined NPL in 1984, following the completion of a PhD in solid-state chemistry at the University of Kent. His work at NPL has seen him contribute to the development of ultrasonic measurement techniques and standards, including: determination of the acoustic properties of materials; calibration and the use of ultrasonic hydrophones; and characterisation of ultrasonic power along with the development of standards for physiotherapy equipment.

Bajram is a member of IEC Technical Committee 87, as Convenor of Working Group 3, and he is the author of almost 70 scientific papers, including three book chapters. In 2003, one of these publications, describing the NPL cavitation sensor, won the prestigious IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Outstanding paper award. He has published or filed five patents relating to novel developments in ultrasonic metrology.

Selected publications

  • Systematic evaluation of a secondary method for measuring diagnostic-level medical ultrasound transducer output power based on a large-area pyroelectric sensor
    B. Zeqiri, G. Žauhar, S. Rajagopal and A. Pounder
    Metrologia 49, pages 368-381(2012)
  • Progress in developing a thermal method for measuring the output power of medical ultrasound transducers that exploits the pyroelectric effect
    B. Zeqiri, G. Žauhar, M. Hodnett and J. Barrie
    Ultrasonics 51, pages 402-424 (2011)
  • Measurement and testing of the acoustic properties of materials: a review
    B. Zeqiri, W. Scholl and S.P. Robinson
    Metrologia 47, pages S156-S171 (2010)
  • Towards a reference ultrasonic cavitation vessel. Part 2 – Investigating the spatial distribution and cavitation threshold of inertial cavitation in a 25 kHz ultrasound field
    M. Hodnett and B. Zeqiri
    IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control. 55, pages 2809-1822 (2008)
  • A novel pyroelectric method of determining ultrasonic output power: Device concept, modelling and preliminary studies
    B. Zeqiri, P. N. Gélat, J. Barrie and C. J. Bickley
    IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control. 54, pages 2318-2330 (2007)
  • A novel sensor for monitoring acoustic cavitation, Part I: concept, theory and prototype development
    B. Zeqiri, P.N. Gélat, M. Hodnett and N.D. Lee
    IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control. 50, pages 1342-1350 (2003) (Winner of the IEEE UFFC Outstanding paper Award for 2003)

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