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Wavelength Calibration
Wavelength calibration

A wavelength calibration service has been established to support fibre optic communication systems. The service operates from 1270 to 1650 nm and is optimised for the 1300 and 1550 nm telecoms windows.

Wavelength calibrations are made using a tuneable laser locked to atomic or molecular transition in both the 1300 and 1550 nm windows.

Wavelength Meters

Calibration of wavelength scale using a laser locked to molecular and excited-state atomic transitions. Measurements are possible over the wavelength range 1275 nm to 1650 nm. Transitions cover all bands O to U.

Typical sources used are:

Source* Wavelength (nm)
Krypton optogalvanic 1286.541 and 1547.826
CO unsaturated absorption Lines in the range 1560 - 1568
13C2H2 Acetylene unsaturated absorption Lines in the range 1520 - 1550

* Other sources are available on request. UKAS accredited best measurement capability is ± 0.13 pm.

A copy of a typical Calibration Certificate Adobe Acrobat PDF file is available to download.


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Last Updated: 18 Nov 2014
Created: 26 Jul 2007


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