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Fibre Optics Calibration Artefacts

NPL calibration fibres and artefacts suitable for the calibration of fibre optic test instrumentation.

Single Mode Fibre Single mode and multimode fibres calibrated for spectral attenuation
Can also be used to calibrate OTDRs.
NPL Bare Fibre Cut-off wavelength reference fibre
Approximately 2.2 m of single-mode fibre, whose cut-off wavelength has been determined.
Chromatic Dispersion Reference Fibre Chromatic dispersion reference fibre
Typically 13 km of single mode or dispersion shifted fibre, calibrated in the 1300 and 1550 nm windows.
NPL Bare Fibre Mode Field Diameter reference fibre
Calibrated at 1310 and 1550 nm. Matched clad and dispersion shifted fibres are available. Can be mounted in an SRM-style retractable holder on request. Effective Area (Aeff) calibration is also available.
NPL Bare Fibre Multi-step index calibrated reference fibre
10 m length of specially designed optical fibre that has a multi-step refractive index profile, which can be used to calibrate the refractive index difference scale.
Retractable Fibre Holder Cladding mean diameter and non-circularity reference fibre
Mounted in a retractable holder to protect the cleaved end of the fibre.
Fibre Reel OTDR calibration fibres
2.2 km and 13 km lengths of single mode fibre, calibrated for attenuation coefficient uniformity and optical length. Supplied with FC/PC connectors.
Return Loss Artefact OTDR Return Loss Calibration Artefact
Return loss values of 30, 40 and 50 dB are available.
Distance Scale Artefact OTDR distance scale calibration artefact
Single mode and multimode versions are available. Providing a number of calibration features along the distance scale of an OTDR.
Fibre Attenuation Standard NPL Fibre Attenuation Standard calibrated for spectral attenuation and optical length
Single mode and multimode versions are available, provide proven attenuation stability to ± 0.03 dB. Suitable for the calibration of OTDRs.

Some reference fibres can be calibrated for more than one quantity.

Other artefacts and combinations of fibres and connectors may also be available.

Customers' fibres and some test equipment can be calibrated on request.


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