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Texture and Pattern

Image courtesy of iStockphoto
Image courtesy of iStockphoto

NPL offers a suite of texture and pattern analysis algorithms facilitating a comprehensive description of the spatial variation over a surface. This allows the description of a complex texture or pattern in a numerical form.

Methods used include wavelet analysis, Gabor filters, autocorrelation function and co-occurrence matrices. Additionally, statistical learning and pattern recognition techniques allow classification of measured materials into categories according to certain tolerance criteria, which are tailored to specific customer requirements and applications.

Measurements can be both multi-angular and multi-spectral, providing full spatial and spectral characterisation of a textured surface. This service is offered as a consultancy.

Clients will receive an NPL report, as appropriate (available as both electronic and hard copy).

Visual texture

Output from physical measurement systems analysed to yield data that is relevant for perception,
e.g. visual texture


Surface texture - a review, Kitaguchi, S*, Westland, S*, Owens, H*, Luo, M R*, Pointer, M R, DQL-OR 006, September 2004.


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