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Refractive Index of Bulk Materials

Refractive index of bulk materials

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Please that this service is currently unavailable, but we hope to be able resume it in the future.

Refractive index is a bespoke measurement service, tailored to individual customer requirements through technical discussion.

NPL can offer refractive index measurements of bulk solid, gel and liquid materials at a range of discrete wavelengths from 404.6 nm to 1014 nm (including the sodium D-line at 589.3 nm) and over a continuous range of wavelengths from 1270 nm - 1640 nm. Typical refractive index uncertainties are in the region of 10-4, depending upon the sample opacity and surface quality. These measurements are currently available as a consultancy.

Clients will receive an NPL report, as appropriate (available as both electronic and hard copy).


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Last Updated: 19 Jan 2011
Created: 19 Jan 2011


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