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Working with E.ON

NPL is helping to support the development of high efficiency power plants by collaborating with the energy company E.ON.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto
(Image courtesy of iStockphoto)

NPL works with the energy sector to help overcome the challenges of a future supplied by renewable energy while also addressing today's demands on traditional fossil fuels. With E.ON, NPL's advanced measurement capabilities are being used to validate the performance of materials in new power plant designs that could reduce the impact of burning fossil fuels.

Professor Andrew Morris, Technical Head Integrity, Plant Integrity, E.ON, said:

"Over the past ten years E.ON has continued to benefit from NPL's world class measurement and testing capabilities and in the future we look forward to working in close collaboration with NPL to undertake world leading science that addresses future business challenges. In collaboration with E.ON, NPL continues to make a positive contribution to the development of high efficiency power plants."

NPL's expertise in the area of advanced materials can help businesses to better understand the properties, performance and durability of materials over their lifetime. These measurements help to ensure that the right materials are used for the right applications, and that any novel materials have been properly characterised before being implemented. In this case, NPL's material measurements will help E.ON increase energy efficiency and performance, while maintaining safety, in new power plants.

This story was featured in the 2011 NPL Annual review

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